About Sidekix

For as long as I can remember I have been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit. As a young girl I watched my father, a prolific inventor, take many ideas to conception. I admired his drive and dedication. His favorite saying was "Attitude is Everything." I heard this numerous times, but it was his actions, not words, that instilled this principle in me. I believe my father's attitude carried him the distance and helped him navigate life to achieve his dreams.

Sadly, my father is no longer with us but he has passed the torch of innovation to his children to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit. It was in this spirit that I came up with the idea of Sidekix. I'd like to think picking up a Sidkix Toy for the first time would really make him smile.

Children love to discover--it is an essential trait they have for exploring our world. This trait led me to create Sidekix Toys, a toy that leads to the discovery of a new friend or sidekick. On the surface of these playful balls lay the clues for the sidekicks waiting to be discovered within. For instance, a cracked egg poses the question...is it a dinosaur, turtle, or perhaps a chick? The answer lies within the toy ball. Once they have discovered their Sidekix, they can take it with them wherever they go. The unique clip allows it to be attached to bags, belts, and keychains. In addition, magnets placed inside the Sidekix Toys allow them to cling to bikes, lockers and so much more. However, if you're looking for a fun toy, simply tuck and zip your Sidekix back into its ball form to play catch or clip it on your bag as a fun accessory to fit your personality. Here at sidekix we like to say kick'em, zip'em, flip'em, clip'em, and stick'em.

There are endless possibilities for future Sidekix Toys, make sure to follow us on Facebook for contests and the chance to help us create future lines. Enjoy collecting them all!